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Quaintlab is a specialised logo design & branding agency. We take pride in creating effective and visually aesthetic logo with a high sense of artistic value. We always endeavour to maintain a meticulous and high quality craftsmanship. All the logos that we create will undergo a refinement exercise before they are sent to our clients. We believe that strong brands will take your businesses to the next level. We are your ideal brand identity custodian.

  • This agency is dedicated to the pursuit of creative excellence. We encountered a team of young, ambitious and highly inventive minds. Their compact and lean structure allows them to act faster than the status quo and therefore finished projects within a tight deadline.

    Jaap ten Have, Amazon Flooring International, United Kingdom
  • The Quaintlab team has an astute eye for detail, an important element in brand identity development that seems to have been lost in this day and age. Truly impressed, well done!

    Jay Krish, Malaysia
  • The service is outstanding and awesome. Working with Quaintlab was really easy. I am totally pleased with the results.

    Marhamah, My-Inari, Singapore